The benefits of sport do not diminish with age.  
The opportunities shouldn't either.
SupportHer with Sport is a nonprofit entity to support the work of the Kansas City
Women's Sports Association and its members:

                  Kansas City Courage Soccer Team
                  Kansas City Jazz Rugby Club
                  Kansas City Majestics Basketball Team
                  Kansas City Roller Warriors
                  Kansas City Select Lacrosse Team (inactive)
                  Kansas City Shock Soccer Team (inactive)
                  Kansas City Storm Football Team

If your organization is interested in membership in the Kansas City Women's Sports
Association, please
contact us.

 June 23, 2017 - 45th Anniversary of the Passage of Title IX

"Leveling the Playing Field", a museum quality display of the works of Charles M.
Schulz commemorating this milestone in sports history while adding the hilarity of
Peanuts to the tribute.

Help support a showing of this exhibit in the Kansas City area in 2017.  All donations
will receive commensurate tickets to the exhibit.